Trade Masters Online works with trade schools and businesses across the country as consultants making custom curriculum, coursework, training programs and education. Contractors rely on us to provide easy, seamless certifications for new hires or progressing employees. Below are some of the ways Trade Masters Online can work with and for your company. Our instructors are highly educated and skilled teachers. We can make training programs for your business for any scope in HVAC and plumbing.

Hire Our Instructors

Trade Masters Online has an elite league of instructors. We teach anything in the trades and are often commissioned to learn a topic and teach it. Trade Masters Online can perform the training using our online platform and host your program for you. We specialize in plumbing, HVAC and electrical trades but have done many training classes online in many different fields and topics. You can hire our instructors for live trainings or conference speeches as well as to provide an online training for a certification or product.

HVAC contractors

Use our program to train your techs and let them test in your office or on their after-hours at home. There's no reason to send techs across town during working hours to take classes and tests. Your techs can study during breaks or downtime on their phones and at home. Even for the EPA 608 we do the proctoring, you provide the computer.

Supply Houses

Sell our class and online testing. You don't have to bother yourself with finding a licensing program to come and offer classes or take your employees away from your customers to administer tests. We have plastic gift cards just like the ones you see hanging on peg boards at Wal-Mart that you can hang on your own peg boards. You can purchase as many as you want and keep them on your shelves or hanging behind the counter and hand them out as you need. They take up a 3"x4" hanging area and up to 30 can fit on a standard peg.

Corporate Businesses

This is the easiest way to make a training program for your specific situation. New product needs a training system set up? Teach us the product and we'll make the program for you to continue.

Trade Schools

Use our online program as part of your curriculum. Allow your students their own access to online classes, we'll be your real instructor (all of our classes have 100% full-time instructors ready for student questions) and we'll even handle the signups and proctoring of official tests. As your students pass exams we'll send their wallet certification cards to their homes. You don't have to do anything but give your students your link to Trade Masters Online. You can even train your own students and Trade Masters Online will do the proctored tests online and issue out the certification cards.

Property Managers (apartment/condo maintenance)

Yes, this is the HVAC certification (EPA 608) your maintenance techs need to work on air conditioners. We offer group discounts in English or Spanish to get your whole team ready to go.

All Business Accounts and Partners

Trade Masters Online can set up a custom web page or even class that looks like it's branded for you. Payment methods can be arranged in almost any way that will work for you. We can allow your students to enroll when they want and charge your account or the student to hold them accountable. All accounts will receive discounts depending on numbers of students enrolled. Special requests to integrate our system with yours are possible. Trade Masters Online will handle test scheduling, student questions and and send official, plastic wallet certification cards for passing students. There's no administrative needs from you.

In-person Live Classes

We can send an instructor to your business, convention, conference or trade show and train any number of live students. All students will have the opportunity to take the final test as many times as we can fit in the day. Classes and tests require at least a full 7-hour day. Cards will be printed and distributed immediately after passing.

Call 1-800-877-1792 for pricing.