EPA 609 MVAC Certification

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EPA 609 Certification Class and Online Test

This class is everything you need to know to received your EPA 609 MVAC certification. The course includes three lectures, three quizzes and the entire online refrigerant test. The three classes include approximately 40 minutes of a video lecture with an associated practice quiz. In the course we cover a proven study method to follow for those who have trouble studying by themselves. This class is made for those who want the license as soon, and easy, as possible. This class is for motor vehicle air conditioning, also known as automobiles or cars. If you're looking for the HVAC certification to work on air conditioning units in buildings or anything wild, like airplanes or water vessels, then go check out the EPA 608 class HERE.

Video "class-time" saves you from reading 381 pages of legal jargon in CAA books filled with mind-numbing information.

You'll be comfortable answering the computerized test questions after you finish the practice quizzes.

Use any internet-loving device, phone or computer, to study in down time while you're already at work.

Imagine this: Tomorrow, you have your EPA 609 certification... wow. Why did it take you this long? You got your raise. You make better sales and keep your estimates. Now you can afford that new 10mm socket.

Study between your jobs within the comfort of your own office...truck.

Study workbooks give you the facts you need to memorize and keep as notes for your career.

A human instructor is available to answer any questions you come up with.

3 Steps to get EPA 609 Certified Fast

1. Learn the material required by the EPA. Watch the videos and do the quick homework.

2. Study the notes from class to understand the topics.

3. Test online, any time during the day. The 609 is a non-proctored test, meaning you can take it yourself online.

"I did this class because I needed the 609 license to start at a new shop I got a job at. It was pretty easy and entertaining."

- Krista S., Auto Mechanic, Sandone Oil

"Corporate made four of us take this class together and it was really easy to get the guys signed up and going individually. A couple of us took a week to do it but one of them finished it on a single Saturday. It was an easy enough class and I think I even learned about why we do certain things like using recovery machines and hoses. I will recommend this class to future mechanics that need their EPA 609."

- Osman S., Service Manager, Walmart Auto

"I don't like school but I did this class while eating dinner over a few nights. I enjoyed this much more than high school."

- Fredy R., Auto Mechanic, Speedy Wheels Auto Service

Your Instructor

Carl Larkin
Carl Larkin

Carl is a master plumber and HVAC technician. He obtained a four-year bachelor's of science degree from Brigham Young University in Utah while working as a lab tech and eventually a training manager. In college he organized and led study groups and enjoyed tutoring students in difficult classes such as organic chemistry and physics. He has since moved from his college town and currently works 50-60 hour weeks as a field supervisor and trainer. Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EPA 609?
EPA 609 is a lot easier to use in conversation than "Clean Air Act Section 609 40 CFR Part 82 Subpart B." The EPA 609 is a certification required by all automotive technicians, as described in the Clean Air Act. Automotive air conditioning units commonly contain ozone depleting chemicals and it's a federal law to have your certification if working on motor vehicle air conditioning units.
Why do I need the EPA 609?
You need an EPA 609 certification card because it's illegal to work on a motor vehicle air conditioning without proving you know how to handle the refrigerants without ruining the Earth's atmosphere. Improperly handling refrigerants can bring fines as high as $27,500 per day, per violation to you and your company. If you are caught working on a refrigerant system without a current card you can also be hit with that fine.
What experience do I need to get the EPA 608 certification?
You need to be able to pass an exam to get the EPA 609 certification. The exam to get the card requires knowledge that has very little to do with field experience. It is common for warehouse workers, apprentices and laborers to get their EPA 609 certification without having ever seen car's A/C. On the flip side, even five-year mechanics will take this course and have to study just as hard because it is very specific material you have to learn.
How long will it take to get the EPA 608 certification?
The class takes a total of about 3 hours and the test is an hour long. Immediately you'll be able to download your certification proof and within a week you'll receive a card in the mail. This program is truly set up for you to get certified in a day. If you already know all of the material, all you have to do is take an hour long test. If you don't know everything, like a normal human, then you'll need to take this prep course first. If you don't take the prep course you'll end up spending more money guessing on multiple tests and eventually end up taking the course anyway.
What is the EPA 609 test like?
There are hundreds of possible test questions assembled into a unique 50 question test for each student. The questions are on specific information in the CAA Section 609 laws. The test is taken online through a special system that prevents applicants from trying to cheat.
How hard is the EPA 609 test?
You will not know any of the EPA 609 answers if you do not study. The material is new to seasoned techs and educated engineers. Studying random websites online will not help as the material is updated by the EPA periodically and in very small, but significant, ways. The most seasoned mechanics will need to study to take the test because it includes very specific laws and standards.
What can I do without the EPA 609 certification?
A technician can give quotes, work on the engine, tires, or any part of an automotive EXCEPT the air conditioning. To even perform a leak detection on a motor vehicle air conditioning a technician must be certified by section 609.
I just enrolled in the class. What's next?
Start on the first lesson. The instructor, Carl, is available to help you through your journey.
What languages can I take the EPA 609 online test in?
You can take the online EPA 609 test in English or Spanish. Other languages are available by request.
When does the course start and finish?
You can sign up whenever you want and get full access to all of the material you need immediately.
How much time is required everyday?
About one hour is required for each of the three lessons.
Can I skip the lessons and just take the test?
No. The U.S. EPA requires the lessons to be viewed AND the test successfully completed.
When can I contact the instructor with a question about the material?
Good news! If your question is NOT in the course material then YOU DON"T HAVE TO KNOW IT! However, you can contact Carl directly, through email, or his carrier pigeon, Stubbs.
Do I need to purchase the books?
Nope, we give you everything you need after you sign up. You can download the notes and print them up for physical copies or just view them as PDF on your phone/computer. However, you do NEED a physical copy of the lecture notes. Students who purchase/print the books have a much higher percentage of passing the EPA 609 exam.
What device can I use to access the course?
Whatever device you are reading this sentence on is capable to participate fully in all class material. Any computer, phone or tablet with internet will work. Any Windows, Linux, Apple, iPhone, Android, iPad, laptop or TV with an internet browser will work.
Where do I take the EPA 609?
You take the EPA 609 test here, at TradeMastersOnline.com.
Can I take the test online?
You can now take the official EPA 609 test online through Trade Masters Online!
How is this a worldwide license?
The EPA 609 certification is a license that is recognized around the entire planet, as well as being required in the United States. Many students throughout the world live in countries that want to be just like the United States. These countries will often emulate, or mimic, requirements that the United States of America has. If you live in one of these countries, our certification will work there. Our certification is also active for all military branches around the world.
Am I guaranteed to pass the test?
Trade Masters Online guarantees all the information you need to pass the EPA 609 test is contained in class BUT you are the only one that can take the test. Many students pass the EPA 609 daily through this course. Remember, if you have any questions during your enrollment you have direct access to the instructor.
How long can I access my class?
Depending on what you purchase, usually it varies by a few weeks. The amount of time is given where you check out and pay.
How do I study for the EPA 609 test?
The EPA 609 test is pretty difficult. This class covers a whole lot of information that you need to be able to understand and use at a moment's notice. We recommend to follow the schedule of watching the videos, taking the daily quiz and then re-watching the previous videos and rereading your notes. The class builds on itself and what doesn't make sense on lesson two will make sense on lesson three. Most students who pass the first time report having studied at least an hour per lesson and then a few hours before taking the actual test.
Do I have to be a citizen of the United States?
You do not have to be a citizen of the United States to get your EPA 609 certification. The certification is recognized around the world.
I teach a trade school, can we use your program?
Yes, absolutely. You can use our classwork as well as our test. Just send a message to the instructor.
Group rates available for epa 609 testing

*This course prepares you in every possible way to pass the exam and obtain your certification. You are responsible for your own results. You are required to pass the final exam to obtain your certification. If you have any questions or doubts, please email [email protected].

Trade Masters Online LLC is fully recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a licensing program.

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