FREE RattleSnake Tracer Training

How to Repair Slab-Leaks. Discussion for Technicians

Free Slab Leak Course Includes:

  • How to identify and verify a slab leak
  • How to use the Sure-Track RattleSnake Tracer
  • How to properly reroute and bypass a leaking pipe

The RattleSnake Tracer :

  • Up to 120' lengths of piping
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • Real "Field-Technicians" are our Tech Support, when/if you need help
  • Repairability - This means we can repair your tracer if you mess it up!

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Your Instructor

Carl Larkin
Carl Larkin

Carl is a master plumber and HVAC technician. He obtained a four-year bachelor's of science degree from Brigham Young University in Utah while working as a lab tech and eventually a training manager. In college he organized and led study groups and enjoyed tutoring students in difficult classes such as organic chemistry and physics. He has since moved from his college town and currently works 50-60 hour weeks as a field supervisor and trainer. Email: [email protected]