Your Course Includes

  • Classes taught by award winning HVAC instructor, Carl Larkin
  • Practice quizzes
  • A full-length practice exam
  • Studying Tips Lessons
  • Study Cheat Sheets to memorize
  • Covers the Core, Type I, Type II material
  • Begin immediately
  • Use any device: phone, computer or tablet
  • Take the legit proctored EPA 608 exam online
  • Two weeks of enrollment
  • Updated for 2022

EPA 608 Certification Class and Online Test

This class is everything you need to pass the Type 2 EPA 608 license exam as soon as possible. The course includes online classes, quizzes and a full-length practice exam with questions structured just like on the real exam. The classes include approximately 40 minutes of a video lecture with an associated practice quiz. In the course we cover a proven study method to follow for those who have trouble studying by themselves. This class is made for those who want the license as soon, and easy, as possible.